Eva-Lution is a medical and aerospace contract manufacturer.

Eva-Lution is a premier contract manufacturer, leading the way in the continual demand for precise machined components across a variety of different fields, including but not limited to, medical, aerospace, food service and automotive. With new forms of high-speed automation, extremely precise vision systems and quality conscience employees’, Eva-Lution has been able to continue to provide high quality parts and services to our customers consistently. Efficient pricing and on time deliveries remain one of Eva-Lutions’ primary focuses.


With quality on the forefront, Eva-Lution is ISO 13485 registered. The company has made a commitment to its customers to provide a high-quality part on time with complete traceability.

Eva-Lution is continually placing focus on different avenues available to not only speed up the process of our parts, but also ensuring that we can provide the most accurately measured manufactured parts on the market.


Eva-Lution is equipped with two of the most advanced vision systems available on the market today. Our Heli-Check is a 4-axis vision system, equipped with two high-magnification cameras, and a extremely precise backlight camera. This machine has the ability to capture minute angles, radii and other dimensions with unmatchable accuracy and repeatability.


Eva-Lution also utilizes numerous Keyence vision systems, both at the machine and also in QA. These vision systems have the ability to capture measurement data from parts in a very accurate and time-sensitive manner. Allowing us to ensure the highest level of accuracy, even on our higher volume jobs.

Swiss machining

Specializing in high-precision and tight tolerances, Eva-Lutions’ Swiss Department is on the cutting edge of technology. Leading the way in capabilities, we can machine up to 32mm, our multi-axis Swiss machines are also equipped with “B-axis” capabilities, allowing us to manufacture even the most sophisticated parts at a new level of efficiency and accuracy.

We take pride in the development of our well-trained staff, who strive to ensure the quality of each part we process. With automation available for high-volume jobs, extremely precise vision systems in place to ensure new levels of accuracy, Eva-Lutions’ Swiss department is set to lead the way in automation and technology development for years to come.

Broach / Drill / Reamer Grinding

Our Grinding Department here at Eva-Lution, is equipped with the most technologically advanced 5-axis CNC Grinders available. Paired with industry leading software and extremely precise, high-speed robotic loaders, our processes are second to none.

Whether it be a Drill, Reamer or any other cutting instrument, our well-trained operators will insure that each tool is made to Eva-Lutions’ highest standard each time, every time. Specializing in medical instruments, we can insure the highest level of accuracy possible with our automated vision systems, that truly are leaders of the industry.


In efforts to continually develop and make advancements in our industry, an advanced new EP/Passivation line was added to Eva-Lution’s capabilities. Eva-Lution now has the capability to take the necessary steps to treat all of our parts to make them corrosion resistant, as well as provide a finish on our parts above industry standards.

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